Interview to Ukrainian coach, Ireesha.

Ireesha Blohina is one of the most popular coaches nowadays in Rhythmic Gymnastics. She has a really close friendship with Anna Rizatdinova.

Ireesha is a singer, actress and choreographer. “Lovesong” by Alina Maksymenko, “Summertime Sadness” by Anna Rizatdinova and many other amazing galas by team Ukraine are choreographer by Ireesha.

“Adele’s Lovesong by Alina Maksymenko”

“Each of my statement in Rhythmic Gymnastics – is the birth of a new life, a celebration of the emotions in a single moment, the harmony of the universe with humanity.

Each gymnast with whom I had the honour to work was a source of inspiration for me. I have always seek to find in each of them something special, something bright and good, that they can give to the world. They should be powerful, bright, full of emotions, feelings and inspirations”