Thiais Grand Prix 1st day: Trainings

Today many delegations came this morning to Thiais (UZB, BLR, JAP, ISR, ESP, CAN…). The arena was almost ready for the competition. Maybe because of long trips, girls looked tired, in general.

Natalia García (ESP) Ribbon Training (Thursday)

Natalia García (ESP) Hoop Training (Thursday)

Melitina Staniouta(BLR) Clubs Training (Thursday)

Arina Charopa (BLR) Clubs Training (Thursday)

Natalia García (ESP) Clubs Training (Thursday)

Natalia García (ESP) Ball Training (Thursday)

Versión en español

Hoy, la mayoría de las delegaciones han llegado a Thiais (UZB, BLR, CHN, ISR, CAN, ESP…). Natalia García era la última en llevar a cabo su primer entrenamiento en el tapiz oficial. )