European Gymnasts fighting for a place in Tokyo Olympic Games

Polina Berezina (ESP)

There is still a chance for European Gymnasts to get a spot for Olympic Games in Rio 2021. This place will be appointed by the qualification of the European Championships that are going to take place in Varna this week. Some of the gymnasts that are looking forward Tokyo are: Polina Berezina (ESP), Fanni Pignczki (HUN), Natalia Garcia (ESP), Salome Pazhava (GEO), Kamelya Tuncel (TUR), Andreea Verdes (ROU), Jelizaveta Polstjanaja (LAT), Salome Pazhava (GEO) and Eleni Kelaiditi (GRE).

The International Gymnastics Federation confirmed after the conclusion of World Cup Series the participants for Olympic Games. Ekaterina Vedeneeva (Serbia) and Sabina Tashkenbaeva (Uzbekistan) are qualified via the World Cup Series. Their spot is a nominative quota. 

Best scores (World Cup Series)

In All-Around, Fanni Pignczki from Hungary lead the list of these gymnasts with a total score of 87,100 in World Cup Sofia and with 90,000 points at World Cup Tashkent. Andreea Verdes got a total score of 90,775 at World Cup Baku and Eleni Kelaiditi from Greece, has got the top score among this group with a score of 90,050 at World Cup Pesaro.

  • The best score went for Eleni Kelaiditi from Greece with clubs routine with 25,100 points.
  • The best score in hoop went for Eleni Kelaiditi, who reached this points at World Cup Pesaro.
  • The top score in ball routine was for Fanni Pignczki with 23,750 points at World Cup Tashkent.
  • The best score in ribbon routine was for Andreea Verdes (ROU) with 21,150


Eleni Kelaiditi (GRE)