Grand Prix Marbella and Grand Prix Thiais are officially cancelled

Grand Prix Marbella (Spain)- Postponed Official Communication by Organizers:

Dear Friends:

In the last few days some countries don’t allow their sportsmen and sportswoman travel to other countries due to COVID-19 health problema. Italy, Bulgaria, Russia and Georgia were the first who cancelled their participation.

The situation in the city and surroundings is estable, anyways the organization decided to postpone Grand Prix Marbella 2020.

The Organizing Committee deeply regrets this last minute cancellation.


Arina Averina (RUS) at Grand Prix Marbella 2019



Grand Prix Thiais (France)- Cancelled- Official Press Communication by Organizers:

Dear friends,

The situation of the Coronavirus virus – COVID 19 in France leads the Organizing Committee to cancel the 34th edition of the Internationaux de Thiais scheduled for next March 28 and 29, in view of the risks that this could cause the foreign delegations taking part and the public many who attend the event.


Dina Averina (RUS) at Grand Prix Thiais 2019

Several delegations have already canceled their participation in the Brno Grand Prix scheduled for this weekend as well as in the Marbella Grand Prix scheduled for next week. They will do the same for the Grand Prix de Thiais.

Our disappointment is great and that of the gymnasts and their staff and the public will be even greater as we can imagine.

However, we cannot – in the absence of certainty as to the continuation in stage 2 of the epidemic by March 28 – to maintain the competition.


Ekaterina Selezneva (RUS) at Grand Prix Thiais 2019

Stage 3 during which the virus circulates and is transmissible on the whole territory, could be set up in the short term and thus oblige us to cancel the competition a few days before and thus penalize both the delegations and the public who would have bought their tickets.

Beyond the city of Thiais alone, spectators today come from all over the metropolis and even from abroad.

For spectators who have already bought their place, a reimbursement procedure will be put in place by the organizing committee. All information will be present on the site and on social networks as soon as possible.

The Organizing Committee deeply regrets this case of force majeure and renounces only forced and forced. He hopes that everyone will understand the position taken and see you all in March 2021

With our best regards.


Grand Prix Deriugina Cup – Kiev- Postponed

Ukrainian Rhythmic Gymnastics National Team coach, Ireesha Blohina confirms that Grand Prix Kiev will be postponed.


Vlada Nikolchenko and Ireesha Blohina (UKR)