Ten most popular leotards on Rhythmic Gymnastics


Bianka Panova (BUL)

Bianka Panova is one of the top five Bulgarian gymnasts of all the time. This leotard was simple and, at the same time, recreates the beauty of nature.


Alina Kabaeva (RUS)

Two thousand and one was the first year that the code of points allow to sew a skirt on leotards. Alina Kabaeva surprised the audience with this sequined flower leotard for her folk clubs routine.


Dina Averina (RUS)

Russians always want to innovate with the most expensive and original leotards. This jumpsuit worn by Dina Averina was one of the most originals ever seen.


Almudena Cid (ESP)

Almudena Cid designed this leotard for her last ribbon routine called “Ave Fenix”. The story behind this leotard was about the retirement of Almudena.


Spanish Senior Team

Olympic Champions in Atlanta 1996, were forced to wear this leotard, which suspiciously reminded the logo of a Spanish brand. This could cost their the Olympic Medal, since advertisments on leotards were forbidden.


Melitina Staniouta (BLR)

Melitina’s flower leotard became really popular in 2009 and was an inspiration for many leotard designers.


Evgeniya Kanaeva (RUS)

This leotard was made in exclusive for Olympic Champion, Evgeniya Kanaeva, in 2012. It has more than 7000 Swarovski stones on it.


Anna Bessonova (UKR)

Anna was wearing this leotard which was inspired on Ukrainian traditional dance, called “Hopak”.


Ekaterina Serebrianskaya (UKR)

At that time, she was wearing the most trendy leotards: this pink one and her legendary spots leo.



Katsiaryna Halkina (BLR)

A beautiful Geisha made of crystal stones can be seen on this leotard.