Interview to Viktoriya Mazur




Olympic Ukrainian gymnast Viktoriya Mazur, answers some questions about her sports career. Recently, Viktoriya joined the group – 5 ribbons routine looking forward to compete in Universiade and European Games.


 Which is your goal?

My main goal is a place to compete in Olympic Games in Rio 2016


 How was your experience in Olympic Games in London?

I was only competing in group. For me it was indeed a incredible experience, I grow up a lot as a gymnast. But I would have loved to compete as an individual gymnast.


What is the difference between an individual gymnast and a group gymnast?

In a group, you have to perform all together, at the same time with your teammates, synchronized. On the other hand, when you are an individual gymnast you have to show the others what you are able to do.

Talk about your old and new routines

This year hoop routine has changed a lot since we didn’t want to reapeat the same style. About ball routine it is for me, the most difficult routine and currently I am still working on it.

What do you think about your coaches?

Both Irina Ivanovna and Albina Nikolayevna are like family to me. My mom lives far from me and she is not related to sport. Irina tries to help me as much as she can before performing, giving me some advice when I feel stressed.

How is the moment before the competition?

For me is very difficult to be mentally ready for the competition, I am often stressed at that moment. My coaches know it and try to help me with that. This year I decided to change in that way, not to be influenced by the atmosphere and trying to calm me down.

What is the difference between All-Around and Finals?

I feel more pressure performing in AA rather than finals. In finals your goal is to reach the podium, so that finals are also more difficult.

What are you doing in your free time?

I always try to do something different: going to the cinema, meeting my friends, listening to music (even before the competitions I love listening music).

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Source: UkraineRG