World Cup Corbeil: Day 2

Today is the second day of qualifications, World Cup Corbeil. Bulgaria performed a brilliant routine with 3 balls and 2 ribbons. The junior team did some mistakes.

Team Spain executed a 10 clubs routine with a few errors. Before next group starts at 20 pm, they will make another exhibition with 3 balls and 2 ribbons routine. This time, Sandra will replace Marina.

Alexandra Merkulova surprised with a new ribbon routine, using soundtrack from “Pretty Woman”. She got penalization of 0.3 in her clubs routine.

Anna Rizatdinova made history. She’s the first Ukrainian that wins this competition in ages. Standings:

1. Anna Rizatdinova UKR

2. Melitina Staniouta BLR

3. Margarita Mamun RUS

Full results: