World Cup Kalamata: Finals

World Cup kalamata



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Varvara Filiou (GRE)

Russia was the leader in this competition in both  finals: individual and groups. Senior group traveled all around Europe in the last weeks: from Thiais until Kalamata.

10 clubs Final:

1. Russia : 16.300

2. Poland: 14.467

3 balls + 2 ribbons Final:

1. Russia : 17.300

2. Poland: 12.233

In the other hand, Bulgarian junior group got first place with their amazing 5 hoops routine.

5 hoops Final

1. Bulgaria: 14.300

2. Poland: 13.667

Senior Individuals:

Ball Final:


Hoop Final:

World cup kalamata hoop

Ribbon Final:


Clubs Final: