Simona Peycheva stops doing Rhythmic gymnastics


Bulgarian gymnast, Simona Peycheva announced that stops doing RG. Last year, Simona decided to practice RG in a high level, five years after of her retirement and despite of having a baby.

“Some things were not said to me, so I can’t keep silent. Last year I said i was back to sport. As you all know I wasn’t selected to join the National Team. It was really hard for me, because I did a lot of work for staying fit and in shape after 5 years. Most of the people, including the Federation was pessimistic and didn’t believe that I could succeed”

“You can still do a lot of elements, but this is less that what we expected” – they said to Simona.

I wonder if our Federation could respect the athlethes in this country who have done an awful lot.

“I’ll be back in shape, and after a year suddenly I was a lot more fit. I wonder if our Federation could respect the athlethes in this country who have done an awful lot. Just think about how many of them left the sport because of the Federation and the fact that they were not respectful to them.

If you respect the athletes who retired , at least give them a chance. I wanted to win my place in the team, but I wanted a fair game that I did not get. I could convince myself that I was not sufficiently competitive on these girls who are currently on the worldwide. I did not want to take their chance. But I felt that at least I deserved a chance.

They said to me that I could compete in the “Republican Elite level”. But, do you think that the name of Simona Peycheva will return to gymnastics competing in a National Championship, where everything was clear before the race? I can not say that I am not offended.

I felt that I deserved a chance

The only thing I know is that I did not do anything wrong. I worked hard and the only thing I knew is that I’m a thorn in someone from the Federation. I don’t pretend to be the best.  I just wanted to do RG again and I proved that I can.”


Information about Miss Valentine 2014


Miss Valentine is an international Tournament of Rhythmic gymnastics, hosted in Tartu, Estonia. This year it will be the 20th Miss Valentine tournament in a row. At the same time Miss Valentine will host the IFAGG World Cup and Challenge Cup in Aesthetic Gymnastics.

Where it will be?
It will be in Tartu, Estonia.

Competition Hall:

Le Coq Sportshall

Ihaste tee 7

51013 Tartu


When it will be?

It will be from 7th to 9th of February



Friday 7th of February:

- Miss Valentine tournament RG and AGG preliminaries

Saturday 8th of February:

- IFAGG World Cup and Challenge Cup preliminaries
– Miss Valentine tournament AGG finals and RG preliminaries

Sunday 9th of February

- IFAGG World Cup and Challenge Cup finals
– Miss Valentine tournament RG finals
– Gala


Friday, 07. February 2014
08:00 – RG 2004-2005 (Free), AGG Girls 8-10
10:30 – RG 2002 (Ball), AGG Girls 10-12
12:15 – RG 2003 (Hoop), AGG Girls 12-14
14:00 – RG Junior (Hoop+Ball), AGG Junior
18:00 – RG Senior (Hoop+Ball), AGG Senior
21:00 – RG Senior Group (10 Clubs)
21:15 – AGG Junior/Senior CC/WC Training

Saturday, 08. February 2014
08:00 – RG 2005 (Hoop)
08:30 – RG 2004 (Ball), AGG Girls 8-10 Finals
10:00 – RG 2003 (Ball), AGG Girls 10-12 Finals
11:15 – RG 2002 (Clubs), AGG Girls 12-14 Finals
13:00 – RG Junior (Clubs+Ribbon), AGG Jun/Sen MV Finals
16:45 – RG Senior Group (Ball+Ribbon)
17:30 – AGG Senior WC, RG Senior (Clubs+Ribbon Gr.1)
20:00 – AGG Junior CC, RG Senior (Clubs+Ribbon Gr.2)

Sunday, 09. February 2014
11:00 – RG 2004-2005 Finals
12:30 – RG 2002-2003 Finals
14:00 – AGG Junior CC Finals, RG Junior Finals
17:00 – AGG Senior WC Finals, RG Senior Finals
19:00 – RG Senior Group Finals
20:00 – Gala



Miss Valentine 2013

Participants Updates:

- Melitina Staniouta/ Anna Rizatdinova are not in Tartu.
– Team UKR: Viktoriya Mazur, Anastasiya Mulmina, Valeria Khanina (jun), Diana Mizheritskaya(jun)


Irina Viner-Usmanova Interview for HELLO! Magazine


Irina Viner-Usmanova, president of Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation in Russia and first coach of Russian National team gave an interview for HELLO! Magazine. In this interview she talked about her gymnasts, her work and her personal life.

“I am used to travel a lot.  That’s why I really appreciate my home. The feeling of  “this is my bed, this is my pillow, taking a bath”. And also, that I really miss my mom when I am traveling “

I always say what I think

“Before each competition my gymnasts applied to Kabbalah icons. At the Olympics in London, we also, of course, we did. Each competition day at the Olympics we used to do this.”


“I always say what I think. My gymnasts are all smart and really hardworkers”

“I always had a lot of work – fees, competitions. I am in a good economical position thanks also to my husband.

My gymnasts are smart and hardworkers

I say to my husband “you are a genius, you are great!” I always knew he is a fantastic person”



Source: HELLO! Russia
All photographs belong to HELLO! Russia


Masterclass/ Training Sessions with RG Russian Stars


From 9th to 17th of January, Russian international Master of Sports former gymnast will  attend 8 days of training sessions as coaches.

World and European Champion Daria Kondakova along with Aliya Garayeva are some of  RG stars that will be at this event in honor of Yulia Barsukova, Olympic Champion in 2000.


Daria Kondakova (RUS)

Coaching Staff:

  • Yulia Barsoukova – Olympic Champion in 2000
  • Uliyana Trofimova – Master of Sports international class
  • Anastasiya Mishenina – Master of Sports, former champion of Italy
  • Vera Grigorevna Silayeva –  Honored Coach  of Russian Team
  • Alexander Bulkov – 3 times World Champion of Aerobic


Yulia Barsukova at Sydney Olympics

This event will be held in Moscow at “Aquarium/Аквариум” Arena.


Los Angeles Lights International Tournament


LA Lights is one of the largest rhythmic gymnastics events in the U.S.A This tournament hosts hundreds of the world’s most divers and competitive athletes in rhythmic gymnastics, including world champions from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, USA and many more.

Where it will be?

It will be Los Ángeles, California U.S.A

When will it be?

It will take place January 23rd to 26th.

Official Website


Contact Tanya Berenson,



Leotards : Close up pictures

Leotards are a one piece garment which can be with or without sleeves.  Here are some close ups of international gymnasts leotards.

This is one of the most incredible leotard ever seen, the one worn by Russian group in 2011:



Copyright by Creapik

This one with a picture of a gymnast in its back. It was worn by Evgeniya Kanaeva, Alexandra Merkulova, Elizaveta Nazarenkova and Margarita Mamun.


“The hearts leotard” by Melitina Staniouta, was one of the most inspirational leotard.


Russian leotards always have a lot of stones


Hand-made painted, worn by Natalia García


Carolina Rodríguez wearing a leotard with lots of details


Almudena Cid used to design her own leotards


Colourful leotard by Evgeniya Kanaeva


Silviya Miteva’s with thousands of Swarovski stones


gymnast of the week

Gymnast of the week : Almudena Cid


Almudena Cid y Liudmila Dimitrova, Mundial Budapest 2003

Foto por Bernd Thierolf

Almudena Cid es la única gimnasta que ha conseguido participar en cuatro finales olímpicas, todo un hito en el mundo de la gimnasia rítmica, dominado por países del Este de Europa. Comenzó su trayectoria en el club Beti Aurrera en Vitoria, su ciudad natal.

Almudena Cid es la única gimnasta que ha conseguido participar en cuatro finales Olímpicas

A partir del año 1994, Almudena comenzó a destacar internacionalmente, siendo convocada por la seleccionadora nacional de la época, Emilia Boneva, la cual llevó a la rítmica española a lo más alto, consiguiendo el conjunto oro en las olimpiadas de Atlanta 1996. Éstas fueron los primeros Juegos Olímpicos para Almudena en donde obtuvo la novena posición, pero no serían los últimos, sino que se sucederían posteriormente Sydney 2000, Atenas 2004 y Pekin 2008.


Selección española de gimnasia rítmica en el gimnasio Moscardó poco antes de partir hacia las olimpiadas de Atlanta 1996

En el año 2000, la Federación Española de Gimnasia atraviesa una mala situación, la cual llevó a varias gimnastas a volver a sus clubes. Almudena volvió a entrenar junto a su técnico años atras, Iratxe Aurrekoetxea, trasladándose posteriormente al Centro del Alto Rendimiento situado en Sant Cugat, Barcelona.


Juegos Olímpicos Sydney 2000

En el año 2001, la gimnasia española estaba de celebración, ya que el Campeonato del Mundo se llevo a cabo en Madrid. Un pabellón repleto de gente animaba incondicionalmente a todas las gimnastas, especialmente a las españolas : Almudena Cid, Jennifer Colino y Carolina Rodríguez. Al año siguiente, Granada fue la sede del Campeonato de Europa, donde Almudena obtuvo la séptima posición en el concurso general.


Selección individuales, Campeonato del Mundo Madrid 2001

Tras un duro sistema de clasificación interno propuesto por la Federación, logra clasificarse para disputar los Juegos Olímpicos de Atenas y conseguir diploma Olímpico.


Juegos Olímpicos Atenas 2004


Oro en los Juegos Mediterráneos Almería 2005


En el 2005 consigue la primera posición en los Juegos Mediterráneos disputados en Almería. Posteriormente, Almudena decide tomarse una época retirada provisionalmente de la gimnasia, volviendo en el 2007 con más éxitos y clasificándose para las Olimpiadas de Pekín 2008, su última competición. Allí decidió despedirse de una manera emotiva besando el tapiz.



Juegos Olímpicos Pekin 2008

Actualmente se encuentra centrada en su vida personal y profesional como diseñadora “Unadealmudena”, además de haber realizado numerosos proyectos en televisión y cine.

Almudena es una de las gimnastas más queridas en el mundo gimnástico, habiendo sido protagonista de numerosos homenajes.