Information about Miss Valentine 2015

“Miss Valentine” is the second international Tournament held in Tartu (Estonia). This competition consists of: Rhythmic Competitions for Junior individual gymnasts, senior individual gymnasts and s and “AGG” Junior and Senior competition. At the same week, unfortunatly there will be Moscow Grand Prix, the first GP of the year.

More than 1200 gymnasts from all over the world (31 different countries) are already registered. The AGG World Cup event and FIG tournament will begin in exactly four weeks time and last three days from 20-22 Ferbuary. This will be the 21st Miss Valentine tournament in a row.


Team “Madonna”

“At the moment we have about 1200 gymnasts registered for the three-day competition. With coaches and other delegation members the number of participants has already crossed 1400,” says Ms. Janika Mölder, the founder and chief organizer of the tournament. “This number is most likely not final, since we’ve always had some last minute additions.”

“At the moment we have about 1200 gymnast registered fir our three-day competition”

Some RG Stars will participate in this tournament such as Anna Rizatdinova and Viktoriya Maur from Ukraine, Jasmine Kerber from the USA or Marina Durunda from Azerbaijan. The reigning world AGG Campion, “Madonna” from Russia will be there aswell.

Countries registered for Miss Valentine 2015:



Rhythmic Gymnastics Tricks

Rhythmic gymnastics is a sport which mixes dance, artistry, flexibility and originality. Original elementa can be executed with an apparatus, showing off handling tricks or just using the body. Some of them were included in the code of points with the name of the gymnast such as Utyasheva’s flexibility element. One of the gymnasts that included a lot of originalities in early 2000’s was Russian Alina Kabaeva, 1st place at Athens Olympic Games in 2004.


Backscale Pivot

This technic element was performed by Alina Kabaeva for the first time but most of the Russian Team included it in their programmes: Olga Kapranova, Yana Lukonina, Vera Sessina, Zarina Gizikova…

Nowadays this element is not as popular as it was but it is still performed by Natalia García (ESP) and Anastasiya Serdyukova (UZB)



Anastasiya Serdyukova (UZB)

Photo Copyright Bernd Thierolf


Utyasheva’s element

This extremely difficult element was only performed by Russian gymnast Lyasan Utyasheva who retired almost at the beggining of her international career due to a serious foot injury


Cosak’s Jump

Inna Zhukova from Belarus and Silver medallist in Beijing 2008,  always included this element in her routines.




Bessonova’s Swan

This is one of the most elegant originalities with an apparatus: moving the hoop with the foot while doing a technical element.



Margarita Mamun’s originality


She is executing this element for so many years.


Spinning ball on a finger

Maria Titova, Christalleni Trikomiti and Yana Kudryavtseva can spin a ball on a finger for more than 5 seconds. Kudryavtseva’s element was one of the most amazing in the last year.



Ring element – unstable apparatus

This element was performed by Alina Kabaeva since 2001 and had a lot of controversy about it because of her execution.



Catch out of field of view




Rhythmic Gymnastics: Make-up and Hair

Glitter, eye shadows, powder, blush… Gymnasts always wear beautiful make-up during competitions. Some of them choose natural make up such as Anna Rizatdinova or heavy smoky eyes such as Daria Dmitrieva. Even a cosmetics brand, GOSH cosmetics, is promoting Belarusian team.

Russian team is including in their summer camps make-up lessons.

Almudena Cid’s Hair&Make-up Tutorial:

Evgeniya Kanaeva (RUS)

Carolina Rodríguez (ESP)


Interview to Anna Rizatdinova: Season 2015


Anna Rizatdinova (UKR) – Aeon Cup 2014


This season, 2014, was one of the most succesful in Anna Rizatdinova’s career: Bronze medal at European and World Championships in All-Around.

– “This year was not easy for us – the Ukrainian team. Since the beggining of the year, we had to move to other training room because of the political situation. Our hall is located in the center of Kiev so that it was dangerous to train over there. Now that the situation in Kiev is much better, we are back. But we still have problems with the boiling system: the hall is very cold”

– “My coach Ireesha, is very important for me. She knows how to handle me and makes me trust in myself. She was with me at European Championships, but not for World Championships. Ireesha became a mother some months ago so that she could not be with me. Instead of her, her grandma, Albina was my coach. Although she was not at World Championships, we were talking on phone everyday.”



World Championships Izmir 2014


– “The preparation for World Championships was really tough. I cried every single day. But finaly I could get a medal at World Championships. I was very happy.”

– “We are working really hard for the new routines. Next year is the one previous to Olympics. I wish Ireesha could be ready with me for World Championships 2015 in Stuttgart.”


World championships izmir


2014 Retirements

This year several gymnasts decided to stop doing gymnastics, most of them due to medical reasons.


Hoop and All-Around European Champion Daria Svatkovskaya announced her retirement in August due to a serious spine injury. Doctors said to Dasha that she must stop doing gymnastics. First of all, surgery was the first option, but finaly it was not neccesary.

“Thank you so much to all my coaches, Irina Alexandrovna Viner, Anna Shumilova and my mum. Thank you also to my choreographers, doctors, Oleg Naumov for your amazing picture”
“I don’t know how I will live now without Rhythmic Gymnastics”
“Take advantage of what you have now in this moment, because maybe next day, you won’t have it” – Dasha said.


Lala Yusifova (second from left) announced her retirement in September. After a long break because of her shoulder injury, she was back for Azerbaijan Championships, where she won silver medal behind current national champion Marina Durunda. World Cup Corbeil-Essonnes was her last international tournament.


Alexandra Piscupescu who won the 2014 Irina Deleanu Cup also announced her retirement from Rhythmic Gymnastics after Romanian Championships. She placed 32nd at World Championships and was 6 times Romanian Champion.


Grand Prix Innsbruck 2014 Results

The last stage of Grand Prix Series was held in Innsbruck, Austria. Margarita Mamun of Russia won All-Around competitions and several medals at the final event. Local gymnast, Nicol Ruprecht, who trains in Vienna with Luchia Egermann won also a bronze medal in the final event. Maria Titova from Russia could not compete due to a injury.





Euskalgym 2014


Un año más las estrellas de la rítmica se reúnen en España, esta vez en Vitoria para la gala Euskalgym 2014. Para este evento, que causa gran expectación se han vendido en torno a unas 7000 entradas, sin contar la venta en taquilla.

Esta mañana las gimnastas han realizado una sesión de autógrafos y fueron recibidas por el alcalde de Vitoria, el cual saludó individualmente a cada gimnasta.

Euskalgym Gala es uno de los eventos más esperados del año

La gala comenzará a las 17:00, una primera parte en la que se realizarán ejercicios con aparatos y una segunda parte con galas, bailes y homenajes. Como cada año, se reserva una sorpresa para el final.

La estrella ucraniana Alina Maksymenko, retirada el año pasado, será la encargada de abrir y cerrar la gala y, tras ella, se realizará un homenaje a las “Niñas de Oro de Atlanta”.


  Team UKR


Information about LG Whisen Rhythmic All Stars 2014


“Rhythmic All Stars” is a gala show dedicated for Rhythmic Gymnastics that will be celebrated in Seoul, Korea.

The show was susposed to be in April, but it was cancelled due to political reasons.

Korean gymnast, Son Yeon Jae, is the protagonist of this show based on RG. This year the show is called “Rhythmic Fantasy”

Official Website

International Participants:


  • Daria Dmitrieva – Silver Olympic Champion
  • Son Yeon-Jae – World Championships Final Bronze medal
  • Alexandra Piscupescu – Champion of Romania
  • Former Group Italy – Bronze Olympic Champion
  • Group Spain – Gold 10 clubs World Champion
  • Gim Yun-Hee – National team of Korea




Daria Dmitrieva


Alexandra Piscupescu

Spanish Group