World Championships Izmir 2014: Day 2



Tuesday, 23rd of September

10:00 – 11:30 CI Individual group C, Hoop and Ball
11:30 – 12:00 Break
12:00 – 13:30 CI Individual group D, Hoop and Ball
13:30 – 15:00 Break
15:00 – 16:30 CI Individual group A, Hoop and Ball
16:30 – 17:00 Break
17:00 – 18:30 CI Individual, group B, Hoop and Ball
18:30 – 19:00 Break
20:00 – 20:30 CIII Individual Finals Hoop
20:30 – 21:00 CIII Individual Finals Ball
Award Ceremony Finals Hoop & Ball


Hoop Final

1. Yana Kudryavtseva RUS
2. Margarita Mamun RUS
3. Son Yeon Jae KOR

Ball Final

1. Yana Kudryavtseva RUS / Margarita Mamun RUS
3. Melitina Staniouta BLR

All-Around Standings after 2 apparatus



Ball Qualifications



Hoop Qualifications







Interview to Natalia García Timofeeva: Izmir 2014

Spanish successful gymnast, Natalia García, will represent her country with Carolina Rodríguez and Sara Llana. Natalia will compete from Monday to Thursday with 4 apparatus, one each day. She also is fighting to become one of the 24 top gymnast of the world.

“This season for me was not easy because I suffered from an injury at the beggining of the season that made me slow down my preparation. Right now, I feel very confident. I tried to do a smart training: short but efficient.”


“My main goal for this Championships is to place in top 24. I know this is not easy, because this year I am not as fit as I was last year, but I think I can made it”

“Last year was not easy for me: I had no sponsors at all and my family paid me the costs of the competitions. This year fortunatly the Federarion is helping me and I could find sponsors”

“I think I am a different gymnast. I do have flexibility but pivots are not my best elements. But my expresion, originalities and handling is good and I can do elements that no ody else is doing at this moment”

“After this World Championships I would like to rest, since I was training hard the whole summer. But my dream would become an Olympic Gymnast in Rio 2016”



Interview to Yana Kudryavtseva: Izmir 2014


Since 2013, when she became a national team gymnast, Yana Kudryavtseva won almost everything: European Champion All Around in Baku 2014, World Champion, European team Champion and a bunch of tournaments and Grand Prix Series.

“I wouldn’t actually say that my main goal is to win: I just want to perform a good competition and listen to the advices of my coach. I need to work hard and train smart: there’s no other secret to become the winner. When I am not leading the competition, it makes me work harder”


“I find competitions easier than training. Even if the competition is not going very well for me, nature helps me do my best. When I am not leading the competition for the first moment it is even easier for me, because it makes me work harder”

“I find competitions easier than training”

“I remember that long time ago I was training and spinning the ball on a finger. My coach, Elena Karpushenko found it interesting and said I should work on this movement, because it could become my signature element”

Yana’s “spinning ball element” became really famous. Viktoriya, Yana’s mother also talked about her daughter:

“She is very kind and stubborn at the same time which I think is great for sports. She has also a competitive nature. I could say she is an angel with iron wings”

gymnast of the week

Interview to Anna Rizatdinova: Izmir 2014


Ukrainian champion, Anna Rizatdinova, bronze at European Championships this year is getting ready for Izmir Championships 2014, that will be held in Turkey the next week.

How is your preparation going? There is only a week left for World Championships

– It is very difficult to prepare: both mentally and physically. I think that this time I will be very fit for this competition. We could not almost train in January and February due to political situation in Kiev.

Have you been in Turkey before?

– I have been when I was a kid and I can’t almost remember anything. This time, during competition it will be very difficult to visit the city since we only visit the hotel. I do not know if it will work this time to get out. The schedule is pretty intense: five days of competition.

Where is your gold medal (World Championships Kiev 2013)?

– It is at my parents’ in Simferopol

How is the attitude towards Ukrainian gymnasts

– I can say it is very good. Last spring we competed in France where many people support us up. We did not expect this. Everybody was asking us if we were sad.
With Russian team we were talking as ever- but not about politics.

Last year at World Championships in Kiev you won a gold medal. Accidentaly, Russian national anthem was played instead of Ukrainian. You began to sing but suddenly you said “Not this…”. How you would react at such mistake right now?

– My parents were born in Russia so they know both anthems. That happened last year, now the situation would be totally different.

Recently, Alina Maksymenko uploaded a video performing a “basketball trick”. Was this your idea?

– No, I was not with Alina when she recorded this video. Now that she finished her career, we don’t see each other very often. Alina was invited in many countries (masterclasses) and she has scheduled about three others in Spain.

Irina Blohina is pregnant, what do you think about it?

– We are all happy for her. Ireesha is coming to help us many times. It is a pity she can’t come with us to World Championships in Turkey, but fortunatly, we have phones.

How is your personal life?

– We don’t have so many free time. We just have a day off: Sunday. After trainings, we are very tired and we don’t even have time for going for a walk.


Anna loves American singer, Lana del Rey and “Summertime Sadness” gala is very special for her



Anna has a really close relationship with Ireesha: “Without her many things couldn’t be possible”


Information about Euskalgym 2014


Euskalgym is one of the most famous events of the year, where the top gymnasts from around the world perform one or two exercises and a gala. This time, the event will be held in Buesa Arena, Vitoria (Spain).

How can I go to Vitoria?

From Bilbao airport, there is a special transportation by bus:
Airport-Bilbao: Bizkaibus Línea 3247 “Bilbao Aeropuerto”
Bilbao-Vitoria: Autobuses La Unión

From Madrid you can go by bus “Alsa Madrid-Vitoria Gasteiz”

Or you can also go by train “Renfe Madrid-Vitoria Gasteiz”

Tickets will be available on September 19 from 10:00 (Spanish timing) at

  • Yana Kudryavtseva RUS: current World Champion
  • Alexandra Soldatova RUS: national team of Russia
  • Laura Zeng USA: current junior USA champion, bronze medal at YOG 2014
  • Ana Luiza Filioreanu ROU: current junior Romanian champion
  • Neta Rivkin ISR: Olympian gymnast, champion of Israel
  • Alina Maksymenko UKR: former gymnast from Ukraine, Olympian, Bronze medal at WC 2013, Silver EC 2013
  • Silviya Miteva BUL: former gymnast from Bulgaria, bronze medallist at EC 2013, WC 2011/2009
  • Varvara Filiou GRE: national champion of Greece
  • Salome Phazhava GEO: national champion of Georgia
  • Carolina Rodríguez ESP: current champion of Spain, Olympian
  • Natalia García ESP: national team of Spain
  • Melitina Staniouta BLR: silver medal at EC 2014
  • Son Yeon-Jae KOR: South Korea star, 5th at London Olympic Games 2012
  • Almudena Cid ESP: 4 times Olympian
  • Anna Rizatdinova UKR: Hoop World Champion 2013
  • Viktoria Mazur UKR: National team of Ukraine, European vice-champion in 2013

From Spain, special guests:

– Polina Berezina
– Andrea Pozo
– Sara Llana
– Mónica Alonso
– Victoria Plaza
– Paula Gómez
– Rubén Orihuela
– Ortzi Acosta
– Saioa Agirre
– Eugenia Onopko


Laura Zeng USA


Natalia García Timofeeva ESP


Almudena Cid Tostado ESP

melitina corbeil

Melitina Staniouta BLR


Daria Svatkovskaya announces her retirement


Russian European Champion, Darya Svatkovskaya announces her retirement from Rhythmic Gymnastics due to a serious spine injury.

“I don’t know how I will live now without Rhythmic Gymnastics”

Since she was a junior gymnast (European junior champion with group) her career is really successful. But she made her breakthrough in 2013, since Moscow Grand Prix 2013. She represented Russia in 2013 Vienna European Championships with hoop.
Darya is Oksana Skaldina’s daughter (bronze at Olympic Games 1992) and Dmitriy Svatkovsky (silver at Olympic Games 1992).
Her mother and coach Oksana Skaldina, could’t stop crying during Hoop medal Ceremony at European Championships Vienna.

“Thank you so much to all my coaches, Irina Alexandrovna Viner, Anna Shumilova and my mum. Thank you also to my choreographers, doctors, Oleg Naumov for your amazing picture”

“I don’t know how I will live now without Rhythmic Gymnastics”

“Take advantage of what you have now in this moment, because maybe next day, you won’t have it”