International Meeting Vitoria (Brazil) Results


Russian gymnastics star, Alexandra Soldatova won last weekend in Brazil “IV International Meeting” where European and Southamerican teams took part. Alexandra is number four gymnast in Russian national team ranking, behind current World Champion Yana Kudryavtseva, Margarita Mamun and Maria Titova.

Alexandra Soldatova is coached by Anna Shumilova and used to train in Dynamo Dmitrov School of Gymnastics. Succesful Russian gymnasts such as Daria Kondakova, Adel Galina, Ekaterina Malygina and Olympic Champion Alina Makarenko trained here too.

Spanish group (Lourdes Mohedano, Alejandra Quereda, Artemi Gavezou, Sandra Aguilar and Elena López) beat the favorite, Russian group with 10 clubs.

Local gymnasts, Angelica Kvieczynski and Natalia Gaudio ranked second and third.

All-Around Results





1. Alexandra Soldatova (RUS), 2. Natalia Garcia (ESP), 3. Angelica Kvieczysnki (BRA), Apparatus Finals

gymnast of the week

Gymnast of the week: Valeriya Khanina



Valeriya Khanina is a gymnast who was born in Donetsk, Ukraine. Last year, “Lera” (short Ukrainian nickname) moved to Kiev for training with national team as a junior gymnast . Since that, Valeriya is one of the top junior individual gymnast of the world, Champion of Ukraine and silver medallist with ribbon European Championships Baku 2014. Her team mates are Yana Yarosh, Mariya Mulik and Valeriya Yuzvyak.

“Donetsk has never had a very popular gymnast, we have football, but maybe if I work hard, I could become a good gymnast. This is my dream”


Former Ukrainian champion, Alina Maksymenko, helped Irina Deriugina with Valeriya’s choreographies and traveled with her to several competitions, like Moscow Grand Prix. Junior GP competition was the event to qualify for Youth Olympic Games, where Valeriya competed against Margarita Vasilieva. Alina is really admired by Valeriya Khanina.

“My favorite apparatus are ribbon and clubs”

Irina Deriugina chose her to represent Ukraine in Youth Olympic Games 2014 as an individual gymnast, being one of the favorites for a medal.


” Our team is very strong. We are fed properly with a good morning breakfast: eggs, cereals and tea. For dinner we eat boiled fish, buckwheat, vegetables and salad. I have never felt hungry and even sometimes we can eat chocolate and ice creams”


Valeriya is one of the favorites for Youth Olympic Games in Rhythmic Gymnastics



Natalia Godunko is selling her gold medal


Ukrainian former gymnast, Natalia Godunko, is selling her World Championships gold medal (Team Competition) in order to support Ukrainian army.

She is also selling a pair of clubs and her yellow and black ribbon that she used back in 2003.

The auction is still working. Some many others Ukrainian athletes are also




Commonwealth Games 2014 – Rhythmic Gymnastics

The Commonwealth Games is an international, multi-sport event involving athletes from the Commonwealth of Nations. This event is taking place every four years. The games are the fourth largest multi-sport event in the world, after the Olympic Games, the Asian Games, and the Maccabiah Games.

The games are overseen by the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF), which also controls the sporting programme and selects the host cities. This time Glasgow was selected as a host city.

About Rhythmic gymnastics, Patricia Bezzoubenko from Canada is the favorite for gold medal. Another two gymnasts from the UK are also fighting for the medals: Laura Halford and Francesca Jones. By now, Patricia ranks first.

In groups, Canada is for the moment winning, followed by Wales and Malaysia.




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Carolina Rodríguez continúa su carrera deportiva hasta Rio 2016


Photo Copyright Olivier Aubrais


La gimnasta leonesa Carolina Rodríguez Ballesteros ha anunciado en una rueda de prensa posterior al Campeonato de Europa que tiene la intención de llegar a competir en los Juegos Olímpicos de Río 2016. Éstos serían sus terceros Juegos Olímpicos junto con Atenas 2004 y Londres 2012.

Carolina se encuentra ahora en una de sus mejores etapas deportivas, siendo una de las veinte mejores gimnastas internacionales, campeona de España por novena vez y décima clasificada en el pasado Campeonato de Europa celebrado en Baku, Azerbayán (clasificación individual).

A sus espaldas lleva diversas lesiones, entre la que destaca su lesión de tobillo de la que fue operada tras los Juegos Olímpicos de Londres y de la que se encuentra recuperada.  Lleva siendo gimnasta internacional desde el año 2001, donde junto con Jennifer Colino y Almudena Cid, representó a España en el campeonato del Mundo, celebrado en Madrid. Tras trece años, en los que Carolina reflexionó en varias ocasiones su retirada, la gimnasta vuelve con más fuerza que nunca.



Campeona de los Juegos Mediterráneos Mersin 2013


Rhythmic Gymnastics Facts


  • Russian gymnasts Nataliya Bulycheva and Sofiya Tesmenitskaya  are working as a model. Nataliya is living in Paris and Sofiya in Singapore


  • Anna Rizatdinova met Almudena Cid during Corbeil-Essonnes World Cup this year.  She really admires Almudena and her personality



  • Ukrainian gymnasts love a rock band from Ukraine called “Okean Elzy” (Elsa’s Ocean)


  • Group from Belarus was claimed to change 3+2 music few weeks before European Championships


  • Carolina Rodríguez doesn’t want to retire before Rio 2016


  • Team Ukraine will be in a training camp the first week of July


  • Lala Yusifova’s favorite gymnast is Alina Maksymenko


  •  Anna Bessonova started doing rhythmic gymnastics when she was 5 years old


  • Salome Pazhava trains between 6 and 7 hours a day


  • Some gymnasts (also former) from Spanish team are medicine students such as Alejandra Quereda and Loreto Achaerandio

European Championships Baku 2014 Information

European Championships of Rhythmic Gymnastics 2014 will be held in Baku, capital of Azerbaijan from june 13th to 15th.

“MGA” Arena was built to host Rhythmic and Artistic Gymnastics events. It consists of more than 9000 seats and it was designed to be able to adapt the main arena to host a variety of events if required. It also has a lot of facilities such as cafe, offices and training rooms.



European Championships Baku 2014 – Schedule



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